Monday, April 18, 2016

Weather and School Update

I hope this email finds you safe and dry!  As things are drying out, I continue to worry about our families in Meyerland, Westbury and surrounding areas.  If your home took on water, or if you know of a POMS family dealing with a flooded home, please email me with any information you can provide.  We are here to offer support.
A few things that you should know:
  • Later tonight or early in the morning, HISD will make decisions about whether or not school will happen tomorrow.
  • When we return to school, tomorrow or Wednesday, we will follow the schedule posted in my blog, but may change the schedule for the remaining days of the week (Tuesday-Green, Wednesday-Blue).
  • With 200 homes in the Meyerland area flooding, we are expecting we may have families that will be displaced, and may need clothes.  Please send any gently used school uniforms and shoes to the library when we return to school.  If you are able to have those freshly washed it will help with getting the clothing to students who need them. 
  • We may need volunteers to assist with organizing clothing donations.  If you are available, please use this link:
This Weeks Events:
  • Anything on the schedule will continue as planned once we return to school.  There was nothing scheduled for after school today.
  • Intramural Basketball will kick off tomorrow!  If your student is signed up to play, please review the schedule and rules. Email Mr. Merz with questions.

Spurs vs Hoops I Did It Again
Yvng Kings vs Nigocheators

Penguins vs Chargers
Blue Cheetahs vs Redhawks

First 8 teams to sign up are entered
·         4 on 4
·         Team names must be school appropriate
·         Teams of 6 (3 boys and 3 girls)
·         Teams missing the minimum number of players (2 girls and 2 boys) will forfeit that game 10 minutes after the scheduled start time
·         2 girls and 2 boys on the floor at all times for each team
·         Girls guard girls, boys guard boys
·         15 min halves
·         Every 5 mins mandatory substitutions (2 per half)
·         Running clock until 2 mins left in the half
·         1 timeout per half per team
·         Any shooting foul is 1 shot for 2 points (unless it is a basket + foul situation)
·         Any foul under 2 mins remaining in the half is a shooting foul (1 for 2)
·         Any technical foul is automatic 2 points for opposing team plus a personal foul
·         Two technical fouls will result in the ejection and suspension of that player
·         Each player gets 4 personal fouls
·         No more than two POMS basketball players on the same team
·         All other basketball rules and violations apply

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