Sunday, September 17, 2017

News from Mrs. Graves

Upcoming This Week

NJHS Applications Available

PTO General Meeting, 8:30 a.m.
Open House, 6:00 p.m.

Volleyball & Cross Country Pictures, 7:00 a.m.



Open House - Tuesday, 9/19, 6:00 p.m.
We welcome parents on Tuesday evening to meet the teachers and learn about the curriculum for the upcoming school year.  Parents will follow the Charger Day schedule and will visit all eight classes, with five minute passing periods. Don't be late to class!

On Monday, your child will bring home a copy of their schedule.  Please bring that with you on Tuesday night to avoid the check-in line. 

Please feel free to park in the front or back lot, or along Glenmont.  We will work with HCC on Monday to discuss the potential of using the side lot at HCC. Please do not park along Avenue B.

6:00 - 6:20 A1 - 1st Period
6:25 - 6:32 B2 - 2nd Period
6:37 - 6:44 A3 - 3rd Period
6:49 - 6:56 B4 - 4th Period
7:01 - 7:08 A5 - 5th Period
7:13 - 7:20 B6 - 6th Period
7:25 - 7:32 A7 - 7th Period
7:37 - 7:44 B8 - 8th Period

District Revised Calendar
On Thursday evening the HISD Board of Trustees adopted a revised calendar to replace some of the instructional time missed due to Harvey.  The most critical change for you to know about is the removal of all early dismissal days this year, beginning with this week on September 21st.  We will have a regular full school day and will dismiss as usual at 3:30 p.m.  

Thanksgiving holidays have not changed.

Please review the new calendar at

Religious Observance
We often receive questions about absences due to the observance of a religious holy day. Our school guidelines provide the following to help parents and schools: 
  • The student is observing religious holy days when it is required of their faith that they be absent from school. A written request for the absence, in advance, is not required but is encouraged. A school district must excuse an absence to observe a religious holy day.
We use the Interfaith Calendar of World Religions to guide us.  If your child plans to be out in observance of a religious holy day, it is best to notify the teacher in advance so that your child may get the work he or she will miss in advance.  If that isn't possible, students may request missed work when they return to school.  Please refer to the Student Planner for information on the length of time students have to make-up work after an absence.

National Jr Honor Society 
Applications for National Jr. Honor Society are now available from Ms. Riegler in Rm B103 or Ms. Coffman Fujiwara in Rm C112.  Eligibility is based on last years' report card. Students need to look at their final year-end averages for Math, Science, ELA and History. To qualify for NJHS students must have a minimum 93% year-end average for those core content courses only.  Electives are not counted for NJHS eligibility.  Conduct grades are also included in the application review.

Current NJHS members do not have to re-apply, however grade averages are being reviewed for continued membership.  Summer service records will be collected at the first meeting in October for current members.

The application deadline for new members is Friday, September 29.  

Pin Oak Boys' Lacrosse
Is your son interested in playing Lacrosse? There will be a parent meeting for Pin Oak Boys Lacrosse on Tuesday, September 26 at  6:30 in the DLL.  Please attend and find out all about it.  


  1. What grade do they apply for national honor society

  2. The year end average for Math, Science, ELA and Social Studies is used for NJHS. You must have an overall average of 93% or better. Applications are due Friday, 9/29/17